Jessie Norman thinks his constituents should not worry their little heads about things they don't understand and stick to local issues. MP Wiggin is more concerned with our culinary habits.

Despite this , I believe we might be just a little interested in the parlous state of our country.

It appears to me that there is only one person who can command the respect of the great majority of the people in this country.

In 1588 Elizabeth 1 gave her memorable speech at Tilbury to unify and galvanise the country to action when facing the might of the then greatest power in Europe, despite discord in Parliament.

Would it not be fitting if our equally magnificent Elizabeth, spoke to the nation to facilitate forging a unified approach in our present moment of peril.

Without underestimating the constitutional difficulties this would face, or the fact that she herself might not think it appropriate, I would respectfully be honoured to hear what our Queen and head of state has to say. She has knowledge, wisdom and state craft honed over nearly 70 years that is unsurpassed. Perhaps it is she who is the true Captain of our "Ship of State".

Brian Organ

Sutton St Nicholas