While I applaud Herefordshire Council's decision to recognise the climate emergency. I am deeply disappointed by the negative response of some recent letter writers. The solution to this urgent issue is not to abandon our development plans. We desperately need a bypass. A bypass will take polluting traffic out of the city centre. A bypass will enable us to really improve public transport, walking and cycling. A bypass will allow us to start tackling the housing crisis facing tens of thousands of people and families.

A balance has to be struck between the needs of local people and protecting the environment. We need policies that will stimulate economic growth and create jobs, while safeguarding the natural world for future generations. I welcome the new university that will train the engineers of the future, who can design new technologies vital to solving the challenges we face.

We need to address these issues positively, not with the negativity and NIMBYism demonstrated by some local politicians. If we work together we can find practical solutions that benefit local communities, while preserving the character of our beautiful county.

Robert Owens

Liberal Democrat candidate for Hereford Central Ward