I HAVE just received my Council Tax bill for 2019-20 and am amazed to see a 9.9% increase for the police.

In Leominster, after various moves, we have a large imposing building on the industrial estate which claims it is a Police Station.

Unfortunately it is in a remote location and even if you do reach it there is no access to the public.

This is not a complaint against ordinary police officers but against the system.

As a general rule the only time you see a police presence is when they are getting food to eat.

According to the P&C Commissioner, West Mercia is increasing the number of officers it employs; but I understand that Leominster does not qualify for any of these.

Also, as a further point, this commissioner is pushing to be in charge of the Fire Service to save money – if he succeeds let’s hope you do not have a fire. 

AP Webb-Davies