Cllr Shaw, Cabinet member finance and corporate services, appears to think the most important reason to vote Conservative is for them to deliver a bypass. This seems to be a very simplistic attitude similar to the Brexit referendum – a highly complex issue that was put before the public with lots of false 'information', left uncorrected and with ignorance of the consequences. Disregarding the view of those who disagree is dangerous.

 Is it possible that the election process could be a chance to engage together? Each ward could have a hustings so that voters could discuss priorities with the prospective candidates together? It only takes one voter to book a hall and invite all candidates. Questioning individuals as to their ability to connect with their electorate, research information and understand accounts should be more important than a single issue.  They must  accept public debate and be open as to how decisions are reached. Will they be accountable to their conscience and to their constituency?  

The acceptance of a Climate Change Emergency was voted for by the whole council. Was this just a last gesture in the confidence that it would be up to a new council to put into effect? Which candidates have the integrity to carry this through into practice?

Barbara Ferris