I was astonished to learn about plans for a gigantic 360,000 bird poultry farm to be built between Woonton and Lyonshall. It consists of six large units with other developments. The access is off the busy, fast moving  A480, on the brow of a hill and on a bend.

Rather like Pam Ewing in Dallas, when she woke to find Bobby in the shower back from the dead, and found it had all been a dream, I am sure I read only a few weeks ago that the main processor of poultry, namely, Avara Foods and Cargill Meats Europe stated that they were going to focus their attention elsewhere and there were already more than enough established bird units in the county and further units were no longer required.

The plans have the normal 'green' attributes and boast of the large fans to disperse the bad odour. Disperse it where? The odours will not magically disappear but will be dispersed away to Almeley, Woonton, Lyonshall  Hopleys Green, etc...

As with all of these large scale plans, its probably a done deal! Unfortunately, visitors to Herefordshire will no longer need a map or satellite navigation to find us, all they will need to do is to lower the car window and follow the distinctive sickly, smell of chicken #### .

Stephen Stinton