A Climate Emergency was unanimously declared by Herefordshire Council on March 8, but do all Councillors recognise the urgent implications of climate change? It is not just about all the little things we can for ourselves, like avoiding single-use plastic cups or picking up litter. This should be about high-level leadership. This means phasing out our dependency on the use of fossil fuels that is contributing to making weather wild and unpredictable. This means recognising and protecting all existing wildlife and soil ecosystems (that are deteriorating fast, as they can't adapt quickly enough to the intricacies of climate change) because otherwise we won't be able to grow enough food for ourselves and the world's populations. In Herefordshire this must mean the Council reviewing existing policies and examining all planning applications in this light. New housing should all be built to the highest energy-saving and 'green' specifications. There is no justification for building major new roads because the future will demand clean, efficient, mass public transport instead of individual vehicle use where possible. Thank you to all the magnificent, passionate students and others who came to Shire Hall in such great numbers to make these points. Rapid response is now required.

Dr Nicky Geeson