Om March 8, 2019, Herefordshire Council passed a motion: “That this Council resolves to declare its recognition of the climate emergency and calls on the executive to (in summary): 

Commit to an accelerated reduction of its own carbon emissions, with the aspirations to be carbon neutral by 2030; and to change its energy supply to 100% renewable source ... to lead on working with the public to promote and encourage carbon reduction in all aspects of the county’s life ...”

Councillor Philip Price (Cabinet member infrastructure), despite his vote in favour of the motion, said in the public debate: "I have worked for 10 years on the bypass and I am not going to give up on that”. This unanimously approved motion is the clearest indication that the “bypass” (including the SLR) construction must at least be frozen, if not cancelled, until the new motion is actioned.

It is self-apparent that this motion means that there must be immediate action to have new consultants design a sustainable solution to our transport challenges. These consultants should have no affiliation with road building contracting. Surely Mr Price must acknowledge that his obsession with road construction is not in accordance with the new climate change motion? His views on transport and traffic management have always been backward looking and are now acknowledged as destructive to us all.

The honourable action for Mr Price is to resign, before he does more damage.

Anthony Priddle (architect and artist)