With Parliament getting themselves into such a ridiculous mess over EU withdrawal brought about by a three-year-old uninformed and misinformed referendum. Surely the most logical answer, no matter whatever way you voted, is to demand another referendum or people's vote, no matter what you want to call it. People could not possibly have forecast the implications of EU withdrawal, let alone the resulting so called agreement, currently being argued over by normally intelligent and rational MPs (well some of them ).

The argument that we can't keep having referendums is ridiculous and not valid or relevant. We only want one, on whether or not to accept the so-called deal.

Those who voted out should, if they are that confident, welcome the opportunity to see the decision endorsed. On the other hand those that voted to stay and the thousands of young people who were not allowed to vote would be able to see whether or not they were correct and if people have changed their mind, and young people will be given the opportunity of having a say in their future.

The final say as to the future of our country for generations to come should not be left to politicians. Many of them having a vested interest.  

Roger Shutt