Last year I was given a parking ticket in Foley Street, Hereford, while awaiting for my permit to arrive.

I contested it two days after the issue of the PCN and only today (four months after my initial email) did I get my response.

The response to my letter was that while they accepted I was awaiting my permit they now claim I was parked on double yellow lines which I wasn't. This is also different to the original accusations against me.

I am unable to directly go back an contest this statement as they now refuse to acknowledge any grievances until an allotted time has passed and I now have to wait for a Traffic Tribunal.

I feel that the council are just out to make money and are not willing to listen to anybody.

To add to the story somebody else at the same address got issued a parking ticket for parking on double yellow lines but that wasn't me.

The council refused to look at the details and facts. I am livid with the response I received as the council will fail to acknowledge or accept any further response regarding the situation.

Susan Ball,