Is the Hereford Medical group working efficiently? I don’t think so as I am one of the many people who try to see their GP and are told that the only appointment is three weeks and at a surgery the other side of town. I had a fall at home in May 2018 and have been seen by A&E in Hereford. I have made appointments to see my GP and have had telephone calls from them to discuss my medication. My GP told me my X rays were ok both on my hip and my knee but I needed to have a physiotherapy assessment before I could have an MRI scan to determine what is wrong. This appointment is another three weeks away. I am quite mobile and can still drive, automatic car, and have to go to South Wye Clinic. This is only the tip of the iceberg as how many elderly non-ambulant people ring to see the Medical Group to be told they will have to go to a strange surgery and doctor and get friends or a taxi to take them. If the "Super Surgery" is built it will help, but when? Ten,12 or even 15 years?

David Glover