We write as elected representatives and residents of Redhill and Hinton respectively.

The proposal raising its head again to knock down the Broad Leys and replace it with a Co-op just shows how little vision the owners have, how poorly thought out their plans are.

At present, they have a business with very little opposition, gone are the Ship, Greyhound Dog, Treacle Mine, Belmont and The Legion, so in effect, they have a captive market that could be developed with investment - a small amount of investment (conservative estimate £200,000) in a refurbishment and a great locals offer of a welcoming pub.

However, these shortsighted and blinkered accountants / money men sat in a dark office somewhere think it best to spend upwards of £1million to take on the plethora of convenience stores and supermarkets all within 800 metres. Asda, Tesco local, Roundabout Stores, Stokes’Stores, Mila Polska Sklep, Redhill Stores and even one of their own Co-op stores.

We will oppose the application with our usual vigour but you the customers of the pub need to make your voices heard. Petitions are ok but each of you must write a letter to the owners and firmly say hands off, send a copy to either of us and when the application is submitted that letter can be used to oppose the development.

If you need help, Chris and I would be only too pleased to meet you in the Leys for a pint and advice.

Paul Rone and Chris Chappel