How strange the world of politics is compared with that of football.

In football, if the team plays badly over a period of time the manager gets the sack. In taking Manchester United as an example (but not the only one), straight after which the team has their best result all season.

Now, in politics, the trains don't run if they run at all and we had the drone fiasco at Gatwick - and the man in overall charge stays in post.

Mrs May, who is in overall charge of the country, had an election which she said was never going to happen, losing a majority which would have kept her out of the clutches of the DUP, stopped the 48 letters going in, resulting in a third of her team saying that they had no confidence in her as leader of the Tory party but if asked the other question would vote for her to remain as Prime Minister.

It seems to me that you require something more to be leader of the Tory party than Prime Minister of the UK. I wonder if people overseas fail to see the logic of that as I do.

David Hutchings