I have lived in Leominster for 19 years and have read the Hereford Times weekly since arriving. 

I have always been a keen supporter of local press wherever I have lived. 

I make a distinction between the local and national press and rarely buy the latter unless there is a specific article which I wish to read.

By contrast, I find the news in the Hereford Times interesting, informative and fair. 

Not all items are of interest but those which are are detailed, concise and give information which it would be very difficult to obtain from other sources without a great deal of hard work. 

Of course, there are those who prefer certain issues not to be raised at all. 

For example there are many things which Herefordshire Council would have preferred to have been swept under the carpet such as the money they have wasted on vanity projects, the excessive use of consultants, the exorbitant salaries paid to some councillors and decisions made in the secret inner cabinet

The Hereford Times now seems to be being attacked both in the paper and the House of Commons by Bill Wiggin to the extent that he has now buddied up with the actor Hugh Grant. 

Mr Grant gave evidence to the Leveson enquiry and eventually settled his legal claim against the national Mirror Group newspapers regarding phone hacking. 

Bill Wiggin cannot claim similar treatment by the Hereford Times.

Both he and Mr Grant have campaigned for stricter Press laws in the hope that they can gag the Press, although there are few similarities in the two cases. 

The Hereford Times seems to have struck a raw nerve with Mr Wiggin by publishing some details of his financial income, including his off-shore interests. 

There has never been any suggestion that Mr Wiggin has broken any laws.

I am surprised that he continues to submit his 10 column inches in the Hereford Times every third week. 

I would have thought that with his recent comments about the Hereford Times's editor, he would have totally dissociated himself from the paper.

Perhaps he gets paid for the article, every penny counts when you are an MP?

I think the Hereford Times is doing an excellent job, the editor is fair, and so long may it continue to serve the public of Herefordshire.

Les Hardy