WITH the greatest of respect to Leslie Wiles (Letters, December 28), she is a victim of the same, relentless and on-going Russophobic propaganda that we were all fed since school.

As a son of a British PoW incarcerated in Nazi camps in Poland, I owe my existence to the heroic advance of the Red Army, who rescued my father after he broke away from the forced Nazi march and hid to wait for the Russians.

The Warsaw Uprising she refers to was a British Special Operations-supported attempt at preventing the Red Army from being recognised as the liberating force in Poland.

Stalin had asked Churchill to delay it to enable his army to rest and regroup before launching the Warsaw offensive. He was not heeded.

The uprising was begun under Churchill's orders, despite being told the Red Army was not ready.

As for the Katyn Massacre Leslie refers to, this is as yet completely unproven.

Investigations show that the Polish mass graves contain bodies of soldiers killed with Nazi munitions, not Soviet ones.

Twenty-seven million Soviets perished at Nazi hands. Poland – and Britain – owe eternal gratitude to Russia and the Soviet Union.