WHILE I welcome refugees from any conflict zone to Herefordshire I am deeply opposed to the recent council decision, influenced by government, to accept more refugees from Syria.

People should be aware that our government funded the insurgency in Syria, and has recently been fully exposed as having sent upwards of £200 million of our cash to Al Qaeda terrorist groups operating there, just as they had done in Libya.

In justifying their narrative of this support for terrorism, our government has frequently spread disinformation and inversions of the truth, such as "Syrian government" gas attacks on civilians, which were apparently conducted by the terrorists themselves.

Since 2011 I have lobbied and personally spoken with my MP Jesse Norman many times in order to protest about this shocking policy and inversion of the truth.

Thanks to the brave efforts of the Russian and Syrian armed forces, the situation has been recovered, at great cost, and a secular, multi-faith Syrian nation has been restored.

Syria is being rebuilt and refugees are being encouraged to return home to rebuild their fantastic country.

I therefore ask, why it is that these particular Syrians can still no longer go home?