I REFER to Jonathan Godfrey’s reflections on the meaning of Christmas (Hereford Times, December 28).

It must be very difficult for non-believers to understand why so many otherwise sensible people appear to embrace something as totally irrational as belief in God, let alone the Christmas story.

I can only speak from personal experience, which may help to unravel some of the mystery.

I have been greatly blessed with three children, one of whom was born with lifelong disabilities, yet he never complains.

Instead, like many others with disabilities, he counts his blessings, saying, ‘There are others worse off than me’, and he is happy.

It is this attitude of thankfulness which is, I believe, the key to happiness and to belief in God.

For when you consider who to thank for your blessings, you acknowledge the existence of a higher being which transcends our own puny attempts to control our destiny.  

Over time, in my case, I found that when I turned to this higher being, which I label ‘God’, I became aware of a spiritual response totally beyond my understanding.

This response, far more intrusive than mere conscience, has been the rock upon which I have tried (and sometimes failed) to build my life.

It has brought me peace and serenity such that I could not now imagine life without it.

And so I rejoice at the retelling of the Christmas story: God is with us.

May it work for you too!