I WAS very interested in your article that included Nieuport House.

May I point out an omission that may be of interest to you?

Nieuport House also housed an open-air school in the stable block before it became the home for the Latvians.

In 1941 or 1942 at the age of five or six I was sent there for nine months. My parents visited me once a month.

Open-air schools were designed to prevent the spread of tuberculosis.

Hereford health authority paid for this at a time before the NHS.

It was an innovative project for which Hereford should be proud.

I have vivid memories of this time.

Open-air was considered to be the cure all. Conditions were harsh by today's standards, but I remember those war-time days spent at Almeley with fondness.

I feel it is important to remember these projects and the care that went with them, even if now they seem out of date.