I THOUGHT your readers should be aware of a series of planning applications under number P173774/F at Biddlestone Orchards, near Llangarron.

This is an agricultural development that is of an industrial scale and is probably the single biggest application by area ever submitted in Herefordshire.

It proposes to cover approximately 80 acres of our countryside in polytunnels, and to build accommodation for up to 240 itinerant migrant workers.

This is clearly judged a significant business opportunity for the owners and investors.

The big question we need to ask is what type of countryside do we want for future generations.

Do we want industrial-scale development that is continuous white plastic stretching for 80 acres?

As the development relies upon immigrant labour, is this the economic future local communities want?

There appears to be no local community gain and no job opportunities for those already residing in Herefordshire.

I hope our MPs, councillors and all living in Herefordshire study what is proposed and have a view what type of Herefordshire they wish to see for future generations.

This development if approved could set  a precedent for future similar expansion.

As a county we already have stretched public services and council cutbacks.

Regardless of what is claimed there is no doubt that 240 additional residents even if temporary, will add to the costs this county has to shoulder.

If you have a view please make sure you make this known to Herefordshire Council immediately as well as all elected posts in the county.