SINCE August, I have experienced quality NHS care and dedication from Fownhope surgery and Hereford Hospital. 

Sixteen visits, five different scans, four different specialists, three antibiotics, two iron infusions, and one right hemicolectomy booked for December 13!  

I am deeply grateful, but also troubled. This level of service with skilled professionals and expensive technology cannot be affordable nationally, however much money were available.   Also systems to ensure that pathways are followed and paperwork devised to stop staff forgetting anything, can be disempowering and self-defeating. 

It is not only a waste of precious time and money but de-humanises the healing process and causes stress to all concerned. 

I have experienced constant travel, parking and drop-off problems, queues to sign in, and duplicate appointments.  

It is not the fault of staff; their awareness helps lower my blood pressure.

Why do GP and the hospital have different systems? 

Why does the hospital have to use the post? 

My surgery has an electronic system which takes the pressure off reception staff, who welcome with a smile and offers of help. 

They do not need to apologise because their system is slow. Confident staff are part of the healing process.

The NHS was set up in a different world. Machines have replaced observation. Tinkering has led to bureaucracy out of control.

Complaining and blaming do not help. 

Politicians are not facing long term decisions, especially at this time of international stalemate.

We need all involved in public health to work together before crisis and division overtake us.