CLLR Durkin’s decision to introduce meter parking to the streets of the city was yet another Tory nail in Hereford’s coffin.

We already have exorbitant parking charges in and around the city: now people are shopping elsewhere so not spending their money here!

No doubt the vouchers offered will do little at this late stage and be withdrawn after Christmas. What an insult to the shopkeepers and businesses alike.

They filled in the consultation form, received no acknowledgement – their views and those of many members of the public who turned out to protest were ignored.

I’m happy to invite cabinet members for a coffee, smoothie or meal in St Owens Street –let’s face it is a small group of councillors, namely cabinet members who make the decisions. The rest of us are bystanders and have little input or influence.

This was the view of a local  resident who stopped me when rushing back to her car to avoid a parking fine.

Having canvassed several shopkeepers and hearing how takings are down at a peak time I am ashamed to be a member of the county council the local businesses are not having a Merry Christmas, there is no seasonal goodwill from a Scrooge council.

Maybe they are trying to recoup some of the £1m lost on the Blueschool House project.

I say "Bah, humbug!" to decisions that damage our city and its economy

Cllr Marcelle Lloyd-Hayes

Its our County

Aylestone Hill Ward