Clear reason
LETTERS from Christine Forrester and Roger Shutt (Letters, Hereford Times, July 20) display once again the same aggression towards Leavers, the same woolly thinking and factual distortion. 
The UK was suckered into the EU by a huge cover-up of the fact that the EU was intended from its inception in the 1940s as an undemocratic Federation of European states, dominated by France and Germany. 
I wonder how many Remainers know that the egomaniac De Gaulle tried his utmost for years to keep us OUT of the EU. 
It was mis-sold here by politicians as a Common Market of limitless benefit to us. Since when we have been one of a literal handful of net contributors. All the other members do nothing but take out; some commercial bargain, I don’t think so. 
Remainers make much of EU contributions to projects in the UK. Just exactly where do these political virgins think the money came from? How exactly do the letter writers and other Remainers think we here in the UK got along for hundreds of years without an EU?
The two letters quote a majority of two million as a narrow one; each letter is full of ‘what ifs’, ‘if only’ and ‘maybe’. Those voting Leave knew exactly why they did so and nothing has changed. 
The EU is un-democratic and daily becomes more so. Christine Forrester writes of working with them and making necessary changes. 
The closet Remainer Cameron should have proved the fallacy of that argument for even the most myopic observer. He asked for little, got nothing and was promptly dismissed with a flea in his ear. So much for ‘working with them’.  
It is true that the recent general election reduced the Tory majority but this was without doubt the result of a very poor election campaign by the Tories, not a result of people changing mind on Brexit.  
The major concerns colouring the Brexit referendum were democracy, un-controlled immigration and sovereignty. Incidentally, a recent UN report highlights the major concerns of many millions of economic migrants waiting to flood into Europe from Africa. 
Those problems remain and no amount of dreaming by Remainers will make them go away. 
This country as a founder of democracy, needs to be sovereign and have the ability to control its own borders. No ifs, no buts. Politics and politicians of both Left and Right are irrelevant.
Now, about those damned seagulls........

A bad idea
THERE is little point in engaging in argument with those who are totally opposed to our membership of the most successful trading block in the world, as nothing can convince them that the EU is anything other than ‘corrupt, money wasting, anti-democratic, overruling’. 
However, for those who were persuaded to vote Leave, there is increasing evidence that leaving the EU might be a very bad idea. 
For example, while it is true that we have been net contributors to the EU budget, substantial sums of money have been returned, particularly supporting sectors of the economy or regions that are otherwise disadvantaged. 
In Herefordshire in the last financial year, over £19 million of Common Agricultural Policy payments were made to farmers. 
This supports both food production and also environmental protection. 
And on environmental protection, the UK has been a leader in European Forums in promoting environmental regulations and protections - something that hard Brexit supporters would like to see watered down, as being ‘too much red tape hindering free trade’. 
It is precisely the combined strength of the EU mechanisms and the monitoring of the compliance with such regulations that has led to protection of birds and flora, to support for farmers to be concerned about the environment as much as about food production, and also to improved water quality in rivers such as the Wye. 
If we believe that the so-called ‘savings’ by not paying into the EU budget will come back to us as grants and financial support, we need to think again, as the hard line Brexiteers are also wanting tax cuts, to see us as a low-tax, low-regulation off-shore European Singapore. 
We are now seeing many adverse consequences of Brexit. 
I must continue to raise my voice on these issues, as it is my democratic right to do. 
I would hope others would do the same, as I want the best future possible for our county and our country. 
For me, that must mean remaining in the EU. 

Think again
SINCE my opinion was reported, very accurately, in the Hereford Times last week, I have received numerous communications supporting my views.
I note and respect Councillor Durkin’s response and appreciate all the work he and his fellow councillors do for our county.
However, I do urge (nay, plead!) those responsible for the proposal/decision to rethink. 
Please visit King Street and just see the empty premises. 
Even this week Knight Frank (in Broad Street) announced that they were leaving Hereford after decades in the city. Sad times to lose a major, international, ‘blue chip’ company.
We need to encourage people to visit the historical core of the city not deter them. 
There are vast empty first- and second-floor spaces in Broad Street, King Street and Bridge Street. These need to be regenerated as residential space. 
How can this happen if parking is even more restricted?
When employing staff we are always asked -”Where do we park?”. 
There is such limited parking already, we should not penalise ratepayers and employers any further.
Stories abound of people working in the city buying visitors parking ‘badges’ off residents in restricted parking areas, just to be able to get to work!
Hereford city is dying. 
It is not dead yet but, please, councillors do not ‘put the nail in the coffin’.
It’s no shame to admit that you’re wrong, remember the ‘ill fated’ traffic reversal system a few years ago?
Parking meters will be a disaster.
Flint & Cook Estate Agents

King St

It’s enough
LAST week’s letters page had three letters expressing concern about the number of industrial chicken factories in Herefordshire.  
A R Jones is right to say it is down to us, the public, to stop this horrendous way of rearing animals for meat. 
Consumers have considerable power.  We can start with one major supermarket in Hereford and boycott all their chickens until they stop buying chickens raised in factories. 
I have started an online petition about this. To sign it go to  
Herefordshire is saturated with industrial chicken factories. 
More are being applied for all the time.  
If residents and consumers want the countryside and environment to be protected from these huge rural factories, we cannot leave it to the planning authority and Environment Agency -  they have allowed this to happen in our county.  
We now have more than 700 of these factories on 100 Herefordshire farms.  
Enough is enough!

Help needed
HOW delighted I am to see Jesse Norman MP expressing support for rural bus services (Talking Point, Hereford Times 10/8/17). Given that he is now Buses Ministers among his other ministerial responsibilities, perhaps he might care to address a situation that has arisen in his own constituency of Hereford and South Herefordshire?
Stagecoach’s decision to re-route the 33 bus service between Hereford, Ross-on-Wye and Gloucester so that it goes via Mitcheldean means that a large slice of the village of Lea is in effect cut off from public transport. 
I refer in particular to villagers who live in Lea Villa Residential Park, all of whom are over 50 and often considerably older and many of whom face mobility difficulties and can either no longer drive or cannot afford to run a car. 
In effect they are marooned, and risk social isolation.  
Given that one of Mr Norman’s first ministerial engagements involved Catch the Bus Week, might I suggest that he has a quiet word with the regional top brass at Stagecoach and asks them to reconsider their decision? 

Urban village?
REGARDING Hereford Times Letters August 12 ‘Questions raised over Developers’, County Councillor Seb Bowen wants to be sure that the Herefordshire Council can deliver 800 homes in an urban village in Hereford city centre!!
How can you build 800 homes in Hereford city centre and call it an urban village in the city!?
Former city Councillor

Trust revived
WE recently lost our dad after his battle with Alzheimer’s.
We would like to say a huge thank you to Oaklands nursing home where Matron Meg and her team gave dad not only the physical care he needed but also met his emotional needs.
Oaklands revived our trust in care homes, they provided our dad with the hugs he needed and held his hand when we were not there, that for us was invaluable.
As a family we were looked after, too. 
The staff knew what this cruel disease does, not just to the person it attacks, but to us whose hearts continually broke as we watched it take over! 
Oaklands extended their care to us, looking after our mum when she spent days by his side. 
That offer of an extra cup of tea and a chat was very much appreciated. 
Always professional but friendly, approachable & understanding too.
We saw their tears on the morning he died, evidence yet again of an empathetic team who emotionally connect to their clients and in our minds truly cared for dad.
Many thanks from Marj, Debbie and Michelle (wife & daughters of Ray Price)

A warning
WITH reference to this week’s “Talking Point” by Robert Thomas. 
I’ve read some rubbish in my time but his article takes the biscuit. 
Mr Thomas alleges his God had the foresight for an intervention into the evacuation at Dunkirk.
Is this the self same omnipotent God who allowed six million to be put to death in the gas chambers. 
Please spare me the bull. 
I’m pleased that his volunteers escort very inebriated young Herefordians home at the weekend but let this be a warning. 
These so-called “street pastors” are out to indoctrinate vulnerable young people into a cult. 
This new phenomenon of evangelicalism with their creationist churches needs serious questioning.
Aylestone Hill 


Poor control
IN their annual canvass of electors, Herefordshire Council are asking householders to minimise the cost of the exercise by sending their returns by text, freephone or email, rather than incurring postage charges that could top £40,000 if we all went with Royal Mail.
What a good idea. 
Unfortunately, any savings made by forsaking Royal Mail will disappear when set against the £1m overspend on the refurbishment of Blueschool House, recently announced by our council.
Herefordshire Council  has a record of poor contract-cost control - the name Crookall comes to mind - which begs the question - should the cabinet member for contracts and assets resign his seat?
Oldfields Close

Urban enclave
YOUR readers would be frightened to know that suburban housing development is being considered by the planning department in open countryside. 
Planning officers are under pressure to approve housing applications regardless of their nature. 
We have an old piggeries near us, an eyesore, and we and our neighbours would welcome well designed housing in its place. 
But a proposal has been submitted not for two or three homes but for seven tightly packed within a cul-de-sac that would not look out of place on the edge of a town or village. 
It would be an urban enclave dropped from space into a countryside of widely spread single houses and farms. 
Houses are needed. But the nature of development determines whether reasonable people accept or reject them. 
This proposal would set a terrible precedent. 
If you don’t want the same in your area please voice your views to Hereford Planning Website, application P172704/F. 
Interestingly, Graham Powell who served our area well has now resigned and will be replaced soon at an upcoming by-election. 
So candidates that support us in opposing this application will get our votes.
Lower Maescoed