Following the recent article reporting on the effects on my skin when staying near a phone mast in Llangrove, ('Phone mast is causing a rash') I have received several questions on this issue.

I have set up a website ( which shows photos of the skin lesions and gives a scientific explanation of the biological processes involved. I have also included a pdf file of research that has identified reliable disease bio-markers for diagnosing electro-hypersensitivity.

Whilst I can't give specific details, due to privacy concerns, I am already aware of 'cancer clusters' around some phone masts in Herefordshire. Cancer is obviously the health issue that many people worry about, but there are also other serious health risks associated with exposure to non-ionising radiation from these masts such as hypertension, leading to high blood pressure. Other health risks may include vision problems and sleep disturbance.

Emissions from phone masts aren't just affecting over-sensitive people such as myself. They are a very serious health risk for everyone.

The UK government are considering relaxing planning laws to allow phone masts to be erected regardless of objections from residents in nearby properties.

If you don't want a phone mast suddenly appearing near you, then please ask your MP not to support the new planning guidelines that are soon to be considered.

A more suitable alternative would be to improve the technology to make it safer.

Diana Hilary Boughton,

Welsh Newton.