IF I had a pension with Herefordshire Council I would be extremely worried. Recent figures released by 350.org reveal that the Worcestershire Pension Fund (including Herefordshire Council’s pensions) has a 10.74% investment in fossil fuels – £197,423,000 to be exact.

Given that a substantial proportion of that investment is with Royal Dutch Shell, which recently withdrew from the Arctic and is predicted to post a £2.7 billion loss in its third-quarter results at the end of the month, it’s worrying.

Despite our government’s best efforts to hoodwink us into believing that we need fossil fuels to bridge our energy gap, the tide is turning on those fuels. The time to divest your money from them is now, before your investments become stranded.

The divestment campaign has already redirected £2.6 trillion from fossil fuels and many UK local authorities are under pressure from staff to move to ethical investments.

For some of us divestment is a moral issue, but remember it was once also argued that economies would not survive the abolition of slavery and that was blatantly untrue. Likewise the fiscal argument for divesting from fossil fuels grows daily.

TONI FAGAN Llanwarne