WHAT planet are our councillors on that they plan to save money by closing libraries?

Libraries are where our children get their first contact with literature.

This is where our love of English starts.

Older members of the community have a chance to meet people and talk to a human being at libraries.

All libraries do more than just lend books. Ross-on-Wye library is the Job Centre, a meeting point for local councillors, a point of access to the internet for many and a meeting venue for many local interests.

If there are no more local libraries, why pay for them in our council tax?

Do they not understand that there are other ways to save money in these times of restricted income?

Does Herefordshire need an expensive chief executive? Sell off the Hafod Road site.

I fully understand that everyone needs to cut back and look to budgets, but there are some areas that need looking at before essential services are cut.

Once you cut an essential service, it is gone for good and so has the community. Is this what our councillors want?

ROBERT HILL Whitchurch, Ross