I HAVE said many times publicly, and also in the Hereford Times readers' column, that the real power lies with the people, and this was strongly emphasised when all three leaders of the national parties assembled in Scotland on one decisive day of recognition, pleading to the voter, to save the union recently.

As Alex Salmond, the former first minister of the SNP, said it was 'the people, the voters, who have driven this most fundamental and far-reaching change in governmental attitude.'

He added that it will be the people who deliver.

It is the voter who has the ultimate decision as to who, or which group of people, are actually placed in the position of power to regulate our lives.

This has been demonstrated so forcibly by the Scottish people, and all of the national political parties fully understand this.

I would make this plea to readers. Do not neglect your right to vote, do not say you are not interested in politics.

Politics is at the centre of all our lives, whether we like it or not.

Rather, take hold of the power you have by democratic right, register to vote and determine to turn out in May 2015 and change the way things happen, because you can.

If you do not, you can only blame the person you see in the mirror!

CLLR CHARLES NICHOLLS It's Our County, Fayre Oaks Home Park, Hereford