A LANDLORD has been threatened with violence for hoisting a Hungarian flag outside his Ledbury pub.

Englishman Carl Durose and his Hungarian partner, Eniko Pusztavari, took over the Horseshoe Inn two months ago.

The pair decided to raise the Magyar flag outside their Homend premises to reflect their menu and Eniko’s heritage.

But he says they were forced to take it down after a violent backlash from “right-wing types” for not raising the flag of St George instead.

Mr Durose, who previously ran a pub in Ross-on-Wye, said he was shocked by the reaction and blamed “small town mentality”.

He removed the flag for his own safety after numerous threats, claiming the perpetrators were local and misled.

“It took about two weeks for people to notice but then people started coming in, shooting off and shouting at us,” said Mr Durose.

“They said people were dying in Afghanistan and this is an English town. They wanted us to promote St George.

“We’ve not fought any wars with Hungary and they supported us in the Second World War, but they thought people were offended.

“One chap came in and said he was going to burn the place down. In the end Eniko said ‘please take it down’.

It’s been shocking.”

Mr Durose considered erecting another pole for the flag of St George but has since decided to keep things bare. His partner has found England very welcoming since arriving six years ago but now fears for her safety.

“I am very proud of my heritage and I think the English should be proud of their heritage too,” she said. “But since these incidences for the first time I feel scared living here.”

Herefordshire police Sergeant Andy Scott said he was not aware of the matter but would investigate.

“Things like this Hungarian issue are things we need to be aware of because of half-wits who will jump on the bandwagon,” he added.