PARKING concerns have been raised in Ledbury, but what can be done about them?

We were contacted by Ledbury resident Edd Hogan, who is concerned about pavement parking in the town.

Among his concerns were whether double yellow lines could be installed at the junction of Victoria Road and Lower Road.

An application had been made by Ledbury Town Council to the county council.

Another of Mr Hogan's concerns were inadequate parking around Martin's Way and St Katherine's Walk, with contractors from the nearby building site reportedly parking on the pavement, creating a hazard to pedestrians.

In response, Ledbury Town Council confirmed it had made contact with the developers to find a solution.

A spokesman said: "The Ledbury Town Council traffic management working party, which was set up in 2019, has been working on solving issues such as new yellow lines being needed, working through a considerable list of submissions provided by residents following an invitation from the Working Party.

"As a result of this, Ledbury Town Council is acutely aware of the many parking and traffic management issues in and around Ledbury.

"In this particular case (the contractor parking at St Martins way), Ledbury Town Coucnil has been in contact with Herefordshire Council Officers and the contractors to understand the problem and find a solution."

The Town Council has since spoken with the site manager about the issues, with the manager confirming that they have a road sweeper attending regularly to ensure that the mud is cleaned, as well as bringing the fence line back in the parking area to help with the parking issues.

The spokesman added: "He advised that they are looking at parking options and following the relaxation of some government guidelines next week they anticipate there being fewer vehicles on site.

"Currently restrictions do not allow for site staff to share vehicles and they are all arriving in personal vehicles.

"From Monday, the company has booked rooms for site staff at a Premier Inn and they hope to hire a mini bus to transport staff to and from the site, which will reduce the amount of vehicles to be parked.

"They have also employed a marshall who checks the locality at various times during the day to ensure staff are not parking their vehicles in areas which would cause an obstruction or intrusion.

"The site manager was aware of all the issues and provided a frank response and LTC feel sure that they are trying to resolve these issues."

For the Victoria Road and Lower Road issue, this problem has been included in a list of proposed Traffic Regulations Orders (TROs) being put together by the Working Party to address these and similar issues across the town and which is currently being discussed with Herefordshire Council officers.

The council spokesman added the work requires both time and money, so the council is putting together a list of TROs they hope can be pushed through as a single job.

They added: "We ask people to be patient. Despite our best efforts it has taken LTC two years to get two new speed indicator devices, but residents should be reassured that we are very much on the case with these matters."