THE LEADER of a foodbank has said despite feeding more people year on year, the fundamental problem of food poverty has still not been solved.

Ledbury Food Bank spokesman Martin Ham said: "For Ledbury Food Bank the fact that they have successfully managed to provide food for 26 per cent more people in 2020 than in 2019 has solved no problems - it has created rather than solved a problem. The problem gets bigger every month. The number of clients is still rising rapidly as a result of the personal crises generated by the pandemic."

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Many people are losing their jobs or being put on furlough as the economic impact of the pandemic takes its toll on work places.

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Mr Ham said the foodbank has received generous donations from the people of Ledbury but the bank is in need of a new home from its current cramped location in the back of St Katherine’s Hall, which is provided free of charge by St Michael’s Church.

Mr Ham added: "The imposition of social distancing suddenly made a big problem, as overnight clients had to be banned from entering the relatively cramped premises. The hard working volunteers have to climb the stairs and bring the food down the food that clients have put on their ‘shopping’ lists."

The new home would need to be in the centre of Ledbury and on the ground floor, so clients can access the service, but "discreetly positioned so that reluctant clients do not hesitate to come for help".

“The people of Ledbury have always been incredibly generous with their help, and we pray that someone somewhere knows of a suitable venue that we can rent, and use as our new home,”Mr Ham added.