When snow fell on the Malvern Hills, local professional photographer, Jan Sedlacek grabbed his camera and set out in search of Narnia.

And the pictures he achieved of a wintry wonderland have proved to be a real talking point on social media, not least because they are a strong reminder of how Malvern and its gas lamps in the snow were an inspiration to the author C.S. Lewis.

In the classic children’s story, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, one of the main characters, Lucy, comes across a gas light, similar to the ones still to be found in Malvern, while she is tramping through the snows of Narnia.

It is believed that Lewis was calling to mind Malvern’s venerable gas lamps, as he set pen to paper.

Mr Sedlacek of Abbey Road, the owner of the DigitLight photography business, said that driving conditions were very tricky as the snow settled last week and while he set out for an evening’s adventure.

He said: “Snowfall on the Malverns doesn’t happen all that often, and there were some wonderful scenes. It was the best I’ve seen the Malverns, and I’m really glad I went out.”

But Mr Sedlacek said that keeping his car on the road was a matter of staying in low gear all the way there and back.

He drove all the way to British Camp, in fact, along the Malvern Road.

One things that surprised Mr Sedlacek was how quickly the snow started to melt, especially in Great Malvern itself. Sadly, unlike Lucy in the book, Mr Sedlacek did not meet a faun during his wintry travels.