As far as ballet goes, Giselle is rather Gothic, very romantic and just a little bit spooky at times.

And the great news is, a production is coming to The Swan Theatre in Worcester.

Ballet Theatre UK will offer "one of the greatest ballets of all time", a tragically romantic tale of a young girl who falls deeply in love, as you do.

However she is doomed to be deceived, for the object of her desire is betrothed to another.

Through despair and desperation the young girl kills herself, because she cannot not live without him.

But can she be dead without him?

The Queen of the Wilis, a group of vengeful female spirits, who in fact are the ghosts of young girls who die before their wedding nights, is characteristically not well pleased. It's far to say, she is not terribly well-disposed towards most men, in fact.

True to form, the Queen condemns Giselle's lover to dance to his death. (And all this was well before the era of house music too.)

The hapless youth can only be saved by the intervention of the spirit of Giselle and the break of dawn which forces the Wilis to flee. In short, the supernatural theme is enough to give anyone the willies.

The music for Giselle was written by the composer Adolphe Adam who, despite the considerable fame of the ballet, is not a household name, although he deserves to be.

Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-George and Theophile Gautier who, in term, were influenced by works by Victor Hugo and Heine, concerning the terrifying Wilis. The Wilis are associated with Greco-Roman nymphs and are also part of Slavic folklore.

This production features a full Corps de Ballet of 24 international dancers along with the critically acclaimed Principal Dancers.

Ballet Theatre UK "presents this haunting classic in its full glory set to the stunning music by Adolphe Adam".

The date for the diary is Saturday March 7 at 7.30pm

Box Office: 01905 611427 and