Over 90% of Herefordshire homes and businesses can access superfast broadband and speeds of 30mpbs.

This is according to new figures released by ThinkBroadband, the UK’s largest independent broadband information website.

The majority of this coverage is due to the work of Herefordshire Council’s broadband project, Fastershire, which has helped increased superfast coverage in the county from 0.6% of properties in 2012.

The project’s existing rollout contracts will see the county’s superfast broadband coverage rise to 96%, however, the Council is due to approve Fastershire’s new strategy which will push the coverage even further.

Councillor Trish Marsh, the Cabinet member for Environment, Economy and Skills at Herefordshire Council said: “Despite being one of the most sparsely populated counties in England, Herefordshire is quickly becoming one of the best connected areas in the country."