WORCESTER band, Bootyard Bandits, have just released their fourth single, and it’s ‘One Hell Of A Night’.

The cut features Christopher Bowes from Alestorm as guest vocalist.

A spokesman said: “This is a perfect party anthem from our favourite Cowboys and a great single to end the year with.

“Plans of an album for 2020 are underway…and it’s all very exciting.”

The track carries party-related lyrics, including “Let’s drink whisky/Let’s drink rum/Let’s just keep drinking...”

The new release, suitably enough given the title, is accompanied by a quirky fan-made animated video (credit: Alex Papeleu), “depicting a typical night on the town with Bootyard Bandits”.

The link is https://youtu.be/uzjo1pegDBc

The band’s drummer Drummer Bamm-Bamm said, in case anyone was in doubt: “One Hell Of A Night is purely and simply a song all about alcohol!

“We feel so strongly about the important message behind this song, that we sought professional assistance to help tell the story.”

He added: “We left the ranch and went on a coastal cowboy quest in search of the one guy who would truly do justice to a song all about drinking... Captain Christopher Bowes from Alestorm. So, ladies and gentlefolk, cowboys and cowgirls, pirates and wenches alike, we give you the most doggone distinctive duet y’all ever hear in your whole damn life with our alcohol infused anthem! Just y’all try and not dance to this!”

The Bootyard Bandits comprise of CJ Handsome : Vocals/Guitar; Bamm-Bamm : Drums; Two Puds : Bass/BVs; Big Mac : Banjo/Guitar/BVs, and Joey Bones : Guitar/BVs

Their own web-page states: Founded in the Wild West of Worcester, Bootyard Bandits are bootscootin' tongue-in-cheek country rock band on a mission to become one of the UK's "most wanted" bands.

"Having taken Europe by storm on a 20 date tour with pirate metallers Alestorm, and ambushed the UK with rockers Massive Wagons, BOOTYARD BANDITS have already started turning heads.