A WHOLE community is to thank for the success of a town's first pride event, the organiser says.

Malvern Pride took place on Saturday (July 27) in Priory Park.

Organiser Betty Rose said: "We did it in four months. It has happened because the whole community of Malvern was behind it. It's astonishing, whether its been gazebos, tables, chairs anything we have needed they have helped us. Malvern is a really beautiful place and I have lived here all my life.

It just shows that people care about people just living happily and safely. I am really proud to have been part of this."

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Martin Driscoll was with charity Time to Change who offer advice and mental health support to anyone struggling. It is part of the Well Being Hub. Mr Driscoll said: "We have all had some mental health issues in our lives like most people do, so we come through the other side and help others."

"The likely hood of lesbian, gay and trans people having mental health issues is more likely, in this community it can be as much as 1 in 2 that encounter mental health issues. For example, today I spoke to a 16 year old boy who has just come out to his mother last week, so he now has that to deal with. Talking really helps and we can put people in contact with other groups if they need it."

Zac Fores, a friend of Miss Rose travelled from Rotherham to help out. Mr Fores said: "Because Malvern is quite a small conservative town, there was a worry that people wouldn't show up, but I said, 'trust me, people will turn up. It doesn't matter how small a town is, if you put on a pride event, people will come. It's been amazing.

Mr Fores, 26 said of pride events. "It is the anniversary a huge resistance movement. It is us continuing to make a scene every year, to let everyone know, we are not just going to be forgotten about and swept under the rug."

"I always think of it as the anniversary of the Stonewall riots. There's parts of the world where pride events are incredibly new. People are fought violently against. We can feel safe in a place like this, but if people are afraid to come out and make a big deal, somewhere in public it makes it harder for people to come out and be themselves."