Gloucestershire Constabulary has launched a new initiative, believed to be the first in the country, to see the recruitment of 15 adults with learning difficulties.

The initiative was launched last November and is set to be extended.

The Treasure Seekers Police Cadets initiative launched in November 2018 and saw the introduction of four Community Police Cadet Officers.

Cadets co-ordinator Tracy Wren said: “This initiative of Gloucestershire Constabulary Treasure Seeker Cadets started in November 2018 when I decided that the Treasure Seekers had an awful lot to give back to the community.

“Since November they have been out using speed devices, on building surveillance exercises, have been out on operations with traffic and they have loved every minute of it. They have engaged with communities and made a real difference, I couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of them.”