A US Mormon group are to enjoy a return to visit to Ledbury, and because of the history of their faith, it might well feel like home from home.

On Monday May 20, a group from the Mormon Heritage Association in the USA will be revisiting Ledbury and the surrounding area to follow in the footsteps of their forebears.

They will be welcomed by The Town Crier, Clive Gunn at approximately 12.15am under the Market House.

Mr Gunn said “If you have family connections with the Mormons please come and meet them. The early history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormons, is closely entwinned with Ledbury and the surrounding area.

"In 1840, missionary Wilford Woodruff shared the teachings of the Church with John and Jane Benbow in their farmhouse at Hill Farm in Castle Frome. They decided to be baptized shortly after and invited Woodruff to speak to members of the United Brethren, a group of over 600 dissenters. In the 1840’s the marketplace in Ledbury was the scene of missionary activity for Mormons, as well as commerce. For instance, Brigham Young spent a week in the town."