DUCKS and waterfowl now have somewhere to settle when they visit Newent Lake, thanks to local residents and the town council.

The specially-designed duck platform now floating on the lake was designed and built by two town residents, who wish to remain anonymous.

It has been installed on the lake by Newent Town Council in time for the forthcoming nesting season. Mallards, coots and moorhens are common inhabitants at the lake.

The platform was towed and directed using the council’s small motor boat and is secured in the lake.

It has two duck houses on it, each with two nesting compartments, and four submerged plant pots to add vegetation.

Newent Council is delighted with this new addition to help the lake wildlife and encourage ducks and other wildfowl to safely roost and nest on the platform, away from land-based predators.

Town councillors Mrs Christine Howley and Eli Heathfield were involved with the development of the project.

Cllr Mrs Howley said: “The council is delighted to install this amazing duck platform on the lake and is extremely grateful to the residents who generously donated the feature.”

Cllr Heathfield said: “I’m sure the platform will be well used by the ducks and it means that visitors to the lake can enjoy watching the wildfowl even more."