A PARISH meeting and a new transport assessment could both help to get two access points instead of one for a planned new major estate off the Bromyard Road.

A proposal by developer Bloor still allows for one point of vehicular access to a proposed new 625 home housing estate, off the Bromyard Road, despite public clamour that this would cause traffic jams and other problems such as "rat-running" though nearby villages, such as Wellington Heath.

The idea for a major new estate to the north of Ledbury's viaduct is in Herefordshire Council's planning blueprint for the next two decades, the Core Strategy, providing access to the new estate is "satisfactory".

Now Ledbury Town Council and Wellington Heath Parish Council look set to join forces to help put the access and the traffic situation under scrutiny.

The proposal to work with Wellington Heath Parish Council to create a new "transport assessment", and the idea of holding a parish meeting about the estate access, were both discussed at a Ledbury Town Council meeting in the Methodist Hall this week. Town councillors expressed support for both ideas.

Cllr Nina Shields, chairman of Ledbury Town Council, said that if the single access idea were to be challenged, information would be needed "in terms of providing evidence".

She added: This is about gathering evidence to present to Herefordshire Council. We are still fighting this battle.

"The parish meeting would be a way to identify some of the issues and gauge support, one way or t'other."

Ledbury Town Council agreed in principle to work with Wellington Heath Parish Council to commission a new traffic report.

Ledbury Town Council decided continue talks in closed session, so that costs could be discussed in advance of tenders.

No date was set for a parish meeting, but Cllr Shields confirmed that it would take place in the Community Hall. The calling of a parish meeting requires backing from ten parishioners. There was a show of hands at the meeting this week. But with only seven town councillors present, due to illness, and few members of the public, not enough public support could be shown on that occasion.