ROADWORKS to install a new roundabout on Ledbury bypass will be a fact of life for six months, but local residents say the disruption is acceptable if the roundabout saves lives.

Over the years, there have been several fatal accidents along the 1km stretch, to the south of the town.

Posting on the Voice of Ledbury Facebook site, local resident Becky Davis said: "I live down that end of Deer Park and pulling out with young children in the vehicle is frightening sometimes, especially in the morning with the sun in your eyes and the cars and lorries travelling at ridiculous speeds.

"Having the roadworks is an inconvenience but a roundabout will make it a lot safer. It's a no brainer really."

And Robert Greening added: "Let's have a big roundabout there; it will save lives. Remember, people have been killed on that stretch."

One of worst accidents took place on November 2008, when a 19-year-old man was killed after pulling out on to the bypass from the Martin's Way junction, where the new roundabout will be.

His Ford Fiesta was in a collision with an articulated lorry, which was heading towards the Gloucester Road.

The new roundabout is to provide access to Barrett Homes' planned 321 home "Hawk Rise" estate, opposite Martin's Way and the Deer Park estate.

Maggie Van Damme agreed a roundabout there will be a good thing.

She said: "People have spoken about a roundabout on the junction for years. Hopefully it will stop the accidents on that stretch of road."

And Tina Mitchell said: "If this new roundabout saves a life it's worth the disruption."

Richard Davis added: "It might slow down boy and girl racers coming down the bypass."

But other residents were concerned about the traffic disruption caused by the roadworks.

Posting on the Ledbury Reporter Facebook site, Gary Williams said: " It’s a double whammy. Not only do these developers blight the countryside with housing estates no-one wants, they rub our noses in it by forcing us to endure traffic delays and disruption while they are at it."

Resident Sammi Hobby, posting on the Voice of Ledbury on Tuesday, said :"The bypass was manic on school run this morning."

Other parents with school-age children have reported a similar experience.

Other residents were less than happy about the functioning of the temporary traffic lights.

Ralph Wilds said: "The traffic lights were stuck on red at 5am on Tuesday morning."

The Ledbury Reporter understands that the temporary traffic lights will be removed by the end of this week, but that is for the first phase.

The roadworks along that stretch will carry on until the summer.

A spokesperson for Barratt Homes said: “Scheduled road works are currently taking place on the Leadon Way section of the A449 to install a new roundabout which will enable access to our new Hawk Rise development.

"Work is expected to take place over the following six months and we appreciate the patience and co-operation of local residents at this time.”