A MURDER is being investigated at the John Masefield High School in Ledbury, but it's all good educational fun.

And the aim is to put the student's deductive powers to a whodunnit test.

A spokesman said: "John Masefield High School’s English Department welcomed back its Year 9 students with the terrifying scene of a chalk body outline, blue police tape, and evidence of the murder of their deputy head teacher.

"The English department staff, including their lovely Librarian and the much-mourned Mr Boddy (otherwise known as the much-alive Mr Collard) began lessons with the speculative questioning of which of the seven suspects had motive, means and opportunity to murder."

The spokesman added: "Spanning the spring term, students will develop their understanding of the detective genre; but the rig reveal will take place this Friday, where everyone, including the staff themselves will discover who was the mastermind murderer, in this case."