THE WHEELS have been set in motion by Tarrington Parish Council to reduce the speed of traffic from 60mph to 40mph on a stretch of the Hereford Road, near to the village, where a number of pensioners live.

It has been a long process, including the creation of a fighting fund last year, to help get the project moving.

Talks will now be held with the police, to ascertain whether the stretch of the A438 near Garbrook is an accident blackspot, according to the official log, and the outcome for an application for a traffic regulation order will also depend on an assessment by Herefordshire Council.

Writing a report in the latest parish magazine, Cllr Maggie Daron said: " Councillors met with Maynard Smith, the Senior Locality Steward, to discuss the Traffic Regulation Order to reduce the speed of the traffic on the A438 that passes Garbrook and part of the road beyond Garbrook.

"A communication was then received by the parish council giving no objections to the proposal. Councillors will meet to complete some of the paper work and commence the application. It will also be necessary to contact West Mercia Police regarding their logging of accidents along this stretch of road."

The Ledbury Reporter understands there have been a number of serious accidents along that stretch, over the years.

Cllr Daron added: "Whether or not the application will proceed will be dependent on an assessment, which will be carried out by Herefordshire Council."

It has been a long road to this point.

In September 2016, Tarrington Parish Council decided to "redouble its efforts" to get a Traffic Regulation Order for the stretch.

Last February, the parish council announced it would raise it's council tax demand "sharply" this year in a bid to fund the proposed speed restrictions by the village.

Tarrington councillors explained that they wanted to see a speed restriction of 40mph on the stretch of the A438 through Garbrook estate, where many elderly residents live and must cross the busy road to use the bus stop for the Hereford bus service.

Speaking at the time, Cllr John Tallis said: "The increase in the parish rate will provide a budget of £5000 to fund an application to extend the speed restrictions around the village on the A438, particularly in the Garbrook and Eastwood areas, from the Durlow turn through to Little Tarrington. This budget may have to be augmented from reserves or through local fund-raising, to complete the process."