REPORTED cases of bottles being thrown onto roofs from the Dog Hill Wood beauty spot have led to town councillors meeting with local householders, in a bid to sort the problem out before someone is hurt.

A meeting, including with police and householders, was set to take place yesterday, August 31, at the town council offices.

Councillors will consider installing CCTV cameras in the wood, at a cost of anywhere between £2000 and £6000.

One local resident, in a letter to the town council wrote: "I am sorry to report that we've had another serious incident of missiles thrown from the 'cricket pitch' in Dog Hill Wood, which necessitated calling the police.

"I heard the sound of breaking glass and, upon investigating, discovered some individuals on the cricket pitch throwing glass bottles at our house. This barrage took place over just a few minutes and was both really intimidating and potentially really dangerous.

"We contacted the police immediately who regarded it as sufficiently serious to send officers from Hereford, and also tasked a police helicopter to look for the perpetrators in the wood."

The letter continues: "It is no more than good fortune that nobody was injured. Six bottles smashed on the roof and others were either side and along the back of the house. We also have three broken roof tiles to replace as a result of the impacts."

Cllr Martin Eager, a member of the town's environment and leisure committee, arranged the meeting with concerned householders and the issue will be discussed further at a council meeting on September 14.

He said: "The Cricket Pitch at Dog Hill Wood is an open space amenity enjoyed by hundreds, and it's being spoilt by the actions of the few. We have to consider actions to stop it being misused. If we have to put in CCTV, that is what we'll have to do.

"Cost isn't an issue. We have to do what's best for the people who live nearby."