THE owner of a card and gift shop in Ledbury says he feels "somewhat bemused" after being targeted by anti-fur campaigners, and he says the protest put off at least one customer.

Police were called to Nice Things in Ledbury High Street on Thursday, November 5, after "Fur-Free" campaigners stood outside the door and handed out leaflets.

Shop owner, Desmond Fox said there had been other protests on other days, and he said: "Retail trade is always difficult and we will legally resist anyone whose actions are considered detrimental to our trade.

"We did receive a complaint from one of our customers that she felt intimidated by the campaigners' actions, and we were obliged to inform the police."

Mr Fox added: "Whilst we respect everyone's right in this land to carry out peaceful demonstrations, we are somewhat bemused by the press release issued by the Fur-Free campaigners, and we question why we have been singled out, as we understand that other shops have been affected.

"Having read the content, one would almost believe that we were a clothes shop selling mainly fur items, whereas we are a greetings card and gift shop selling a large variety of goods. We believe that the campaigners are referring to the sale of pairs of gloves which contained a fur trim, and such sales would represent less than 0.1% of our total sales."

A police spokesman said: "Police were called to the High Street in Ledbury at approximately 11.10am on Thursday, November 5 after reports of a number of protestors outside a shop.

"The protestors left peacefully at around 11.35am."

Mr Fox said: "It was resolved amicably."

The Fur Free Campaigners say they were "delighted at a swift success".

Spokesman, Pauline Burgess said: "Campaigners had only been demonstrating for about half an hour when the shop agreed to withdraw the items from sale.

"We are very happy with Nice Things for their sensible and humane decision, but we will be keeping an eye on the shop to make sure that items containing animal fur are not sold there again."

Mr Fox said the law of the land was on his side.

He said:"All items to which they refer fully met current legislation. They were a by-product of the meat trade, and not a direct product from animals bred for their fur and were purchased from established British suppliers all operating within British law.

"The campaigners also state that we withdrew the items after a “half hour” demo, they seem to have forgotten the other days where they have demonstrated outside our shop."

Mr Fox added: "Nice Things has traded in Ledbury High Street for eighteen years, opening seven days a week, providing a quality service to the town. This fact seems to have gone un-noticed by the campaigners."