HEREFORD United's new head of recruitment has asked for fans to get behind the club.

Mark Ellis told the Hereford Times before training this morning that people need to "stop all the negativity".

Ellis said he was unhappy with the criticism on the fans' sites.

"You are not from the fans forums are you?" he also asked.

Mr Ellis added: "We have got some excellent players from clubs like Chelsea and QPR and if we are in the Southern League, we will only be there for one season."

Ellis is a football agent at Crystalsportsmanagement and has been an analyst, first-team scout and recruitment at AFC Bournemouth.

Ellis said he has a host of excellent young players training this morning at Victoria Park - many of whom had previously been at professional clubs. 

The training session is being run by Ellis and overseen by Jon Taylor, a former assistant manager at Banbury United.

Taylot was briefly at Banbury United in 2012-13 and worked under manager Edwin Stein.

Sam Gwynne was taking part in the session, which was run very enthusiastically and professionally, and also watched by sports therapist Jonny Evans and kitman Roger Lloyd.

There were around 19 young players at the session -  with three goalkeepers. 

A couple of additional players are expected to arrive from Spain tomorrow.