A JURY sitting on a Hereford murder trial has heard from a man who called the police after finding Steven Paynter lying on the floor of his flat.

Mr Paynter, aged 46, had been stabbed in his flat in Ryelands Street, Whitecross. He later died from his injuries.

Stacy Hales, 36, of Belmont Road, Hereford, denies his murder.

Worcester Crown Court was read a statement given to police officers by Tomas Norbutas.

He had called the emergency services after finding Mr Paynter on August 3 last year. 

Mr Norbutas had gone round to the house in Ryelands Street with a friend to visit Virginija Sakalauskaite, a friend who lived in the house that was split into bedsits.

He said he saw Hales outside the house ‘acting strangely’ and appearing agitated.

Mr Norbutas said that he and his friend were let into the house along with Hales by Mr Paynter. The jury was told that the pair engaged in a "normal conversation" but when Mr Norbutas went outside to smoke in the garden he heard shouting coming from inside.

He then said he heard what sounded like someone being hit and the sound of breaking glass.

Mr Norbutas said that he had heard there was often disturbances at the house so he did not think too much until a witness, who cannot be named for legal reasons, came to ask for help.

When he went to investigate, Mr Norbutas saw Mr Paynter lying on the floor "half in his room and half in the corridor".

“He was shaking and twitching and there was a lot of blood everywhere,” he added.

Mr Norbutas saw a knife nearby and called the police, knowing Mr Paynter was already dead.

The trial continues.