THE Labour Party’s candidate for the North Herefordshire constituency Joe Wood says he would vote to remain in the European Union if his party gets the keys to Downing Street.

Mr Wood, who has a background in science and a masters degree on the impacts of climate change, says his party’s policy on Brexit would protect local farmers.

He says he has experience growing up on a farm and facing challenges such as poor housing conditions and insecure employment.

These are issues he believes his party would help solve for residents in the north of the county.

“I was brought up next door in Brecon and Radnorshire and my grandfather was a farmer,” he said.

“I know what it feels like to live in a rural constituency and I’ve had lived experience of homelessness, poor housing conditions, of insufficient money and insecure employment.

“These are many of the issues that are facing people who Labour want to help.

“I’m hoping people will back our party and manifesto.”

Mr Wood voted to remain in the 2016 EU referendum and, if Labour win, he would do so again.

“My personal stance would be to support Remain if Labour get into power and we have another referendum.

“I’ve an aunty who works at the NFU and their best guess is that 50% of UK farms are at risk of going out of business in a hard Brexit scenario.

“We would have further threats to our farming and food standards if we leave the EU.

“North Herefordshire has a largely agricultural economy and that should be a big worry to anyone who wants to represent this constituency and have the best interest of farmers at heart.

“I’m also concerned about an excessive response to a desire to end freedom of movement.

“I’m completely in support of Labour’s desire to clamp down on employers who are using freedom of movement to undercut pay and conditions.

“But we must acknowledge that our economy in North Herefordshire is reliant upon immigrant Labour mostly from eastern Europe in terms of apple, vegetable picking and working on farms.

“The economy here would take a heavy hit.”