Diana Stella Toynbee fears plans to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union will be a disaster for the country.

Ms Toynbee, who was elected to represent the Greyfriars ward on the county and city councils this year, says she has her own concerns over the EU.

But the Green Party candidate for Hereford and South Herefordshire says crashing out would be very damaging to the UK.

She feels voters should have the final say in the form of another referendum.

“I lived in France for a long time and I am not a huge fan of the EU to be brutally honest, especially the ever closer political union,” she said.

“I understand why people voted for Brexit but equally I think leaving would be really idiotic and very damaging to the country.

“Brexit might have started off as one thing but I genuinely do think it it is now a right-wing project.

“I think it’s disaster capitalism and so I’m very worried about it.

“The best way of settling it would be to have another referendum.

“It is three and a half years since and we will have had two general elections since then.

“I don’t think this general election is going to resolve Brexit at all.

“The Conservatives are saying it will because they are going to sweep in and we’ve got to stop that happening.

“The problem with the Labour Party is that they don’t work with other parties.

“There is going to be an awful lot of negotiating after the election, let’s hope that they do work with other parties.

“Whether they are in or out of power they must, if they believe in working for the common good.

“If the Tories get in again it will be because Labour refused to work with us.”

Ms Toynbee says voters are ‘fed up’ with the Conservative Party and Labour and want real change.

She says she’s really encouraged by the support she is getting from people of all backgrounds.

“They can see that I would be a dynamic MP, I understand how decisions are made and I want to take their concerns to Westminster,” she said.

“Whatever the next government is, I will be holding them to account very sharply.”