STORE Cattle - 380: A superb entry of store cattle that were keenly contested for throughout with the steers soaring to £1415/head for a 685kg Limousin from M/s W T and S M Edwards, Oldcastle Farm. The steers averaged a staggering 232p/kg up to 282p/kg for a bunch of 305kg Charolais cross steers from M/s J and M E Price, Pentwyn that made £860/head. The top 20 prices were all in excess of 243p/kg and £1115/head. Any amount of steers £1200/head plus.

The heifers nearly as dear topping at £1345/head for a 690kg Limousin from M/s W T and S M Edwards, Oldcastle. A lot of younger and smaller sorts on offer but nevertheless all in excellent demand and the heifers averaged 217p/kg and topped at 316p/kg for a 310kg Limousin heifer from Mr H E Powell, Lower Farm that flew to £980/head. Heifers averaged £870/head to include all types. This trade was as dear as we have seen all year with buyers galore and more could have been sold.

Stock/feeding bulls - 8: A very disappointing entry of bulls considering the trade we have had in recent months. A limited selection on offer but the right sorts in plenty of demand. A young Simmental cross feeding bull from M/s W J and M Thomas, Maidenhyde Farm topped at 206p/kg but the top price of £1170 was achieved by a Hereford bull from Mr E D Norton, Middlefields. More young feeding bulls desperately needed every sale.

Cows and calves - 28: A reasonable entry of cows and calves all well sold and heavily competed for. Plenty of buyers and bidders wanting that nice genuine farming outfit. A run of pedigree Charolais from Mr B D Pugh, The Lane generated significant interest and sold to £1900/head with several other outfits close behind at £1880, £1800, £1780 and £1720/head. Those cows that are empty and ready to go back to the bull seem to be better sold and in more demand. We have had several enquiries about cows and calves so there is plenty of interest especially with the weather as it is. More required.

Barren cows - 19: More cows wanted - 5 buyers and only 19 cows. Treble or quadruple could have been sold to a flyer! Cows averaged 133p/kg and topped at 172p/kg and £1100/head for a Hereford cross cow (845kg) from Mr B D Pugh, The Lane Farm. The cows averaged £730/head to include all types. Meat, frame and farm assured types are the easiest sold. Plenty of demand - just no supply.