PIGS - 67: Again a total clearance and firmer trade throughout. No weaners on offer but quality white stores ranged from £30 to £54. Porkers topped at £80, quality white cutters topped at £100. Quality ginger bacon gilts made £128 and a run of 15 cull sows topped at £170. So that we can maximise advertising please enter all pigs with the market by the Tuesday before each sale.

Stores White from £30 to £54.

Porkers White from £56 to £70.

Porkers Coloured from £64 to £80.

Cutters White from £80 to £100.

Cutters Coloured from £ - to £92.

Bacon Coloured from £101 to £128.

Feeding Sows from £40 to £80.

Fat Sows from £85 to £170.

Boars from £50 to £80.

Store Cattle - 503: A fantastic entry of store cattle for the spring show and sale found a real following with a busy ring of purchasers travelling to source cattle. Spring certainly seemed in the air with smart younger grazing cattle meeting super demand throughout the sale. Strong cattle likewise well sought with a homebred pure Limousin steer topping the day at £1345 weighing 600kg.

Other strong steers from £1180 to £1330, several trading from £1200 to £1300.

Good farming cattle selling from £1050 to £1175 and generally 210p-230p/kg. A shortage of named sire Angus cattle with men looking for more strong types, Angus steers to £1190, strong Herefords to £995 with several £900 to £980.

A large show of yearling cattle with several annual consignments and one or two fresh customers selling cattle in Hereford. These found a super trade with several customers returning to purchase yearling cattle, the best of these topped at £1175 for homebred Limousin cross steers at 11 months. Several Blue cross steers trading over £1000, with the first prize pair of steers to £1085 (440kg) and others to £1050 (380kg). Blonde steers to £905 (375kg) for a bunch of 5 at 279p/kg. Others from the same home from 252p/kg to 294p/kg. A well put together bunch of 6 Blondes to £840 (325kg, 259p/kg).

Charolais cross steers to £1070, several from £820 to £1000 and 230p-256p/kg.

Excellent demand for bunches of cattle with men wanting to put numbers together. Younger and plainer cattle well sold although at lesser money, still trading from £500 to £700 (180p-200p/kg).

Heifers topped at £1700 for a homebred Charolais cross weighing 640kg, other stronger heifers from £1055 to £1140 (190p-215p/kg). Good farming sorts from £850 to £1040, well bred sorts generally £920 to £1020 (210p-230p/kg). Blue cross heifers found favour with several men looking for heifers to bull.

These were very dear throughout and sold to £1005. Several sold between £900 and £1000 (220p-240p/kg). Few native bred sorts on offer, some smaller Hereford and Angus from £650 to £750 (170p-190p/kg).

Like the steers several yearling and grazing heifers on show - these were bid for like it was mid April rather than mid March and easy to get away for the well bred bunches with potential. These trading from £720 to £1060. The first prize pair to £1060 (440kg, 241p/kg), several smart sorts £850 to £950 (220p-241p/kg). Younger sorts also well sold with a bunch of 7 Blonde heifers to £710 (280kg), others then £620 to £700 (210p-230p/kg) with smaller sorts from £450 to £550 (180p-200p/kg). A complete clearance was effected and a good entry needed for 6th April. Overall averages - steers: 215p/kg, £924.57. Heifers: 202p/kg, £811.56.

Spring show and sale of continental cross store cattle

Class 1 - Best pair of continental cross steers 1) Mr N L Clifton, Upper Maestorglwyd 440kg £1085 2) Mr P Hale, Burhope Farm 505kg £1220 3) T L Whittal Ltd, Old Rectory 490kg £1075.

Class 2 - Best pair of continental cross heifers 1) Mr I C Dyer, Mossfield 440kg £1060 2) Mr I C Dyer, Mossfield 415kg £930 3) M/s J R S Williams and Co, Neuadd 380kg £830.

Store/feeding bulls: A small entry of bulls with generally plainer and younger bulls on show. Smart Blonde bulls to £695 (300kg, 232p/kg). Others from £620 to £780 (190p-238p/kg). A young Limousin stock bull to £2350.

Cows and calves: A pure Limousin outfit topped at £1900, Blue heifers with young calves at foot to £1680 and £1620, others £1350 to £1450. Hereford cross heifers and calves £1050 to £1180.

Barren cows: Meat easy to sell topping at £1010, others to £1000, all meat and shape from £860 to £990 (125p-155p/kg). Plainer stronger cows £680 to £760 (110p-125p/kg). Plainer cows from £480 to £630 (90p-105p/kg). More can be sold each sale.