PRIME Hoggs - 1871: Euro 87p, SQQ 176.4p - a definite improvement but still some leaner sheep holding the average down, quality as always pays dividends. Well meated smart pens all over 180p topping at 197.7p, others at 197.5p, 193p etc. Top price of £95 (62kg) with plenty of bunches sold between £80 and £85. It looks like there could be a push on for Easter so 'sell live to thrive'.

Ewes with lambs - 589/918: A record entry for the Midwest Farmer Show and Sale, with nearly 600 couples forward. Mike Westoby of Brooklands, Skenfrith very ably judged the show, results listed below. Plenty of demand especially for ewes that would go another year together with a lamb of some size. Some very good quality entries forward with a top price for the champion pen from Myra Powell, Old House of £186. Other smart bunches from £165 to £185. Older North Country doubles over £150 an outfit. Crossbred ewes with less lambs generally £100 to £135. Harder ewes with smaller lambs generally £70 to £100. Excellent clearance effected to average just shy of £130 an outfit and £49.50/life. Trade remained buoyant throughout with the last lot of the day offered reaching £182 for a bunch of Suffolk cross ewes and their twin lambs. Full and broken mouth ewes needed to have lambs with strength to get away easiest, small and young lambs on these outfits were harder to place.

Midwest farmer show and sale of ewes and lambs

Class 1 - Best pen of 10 or more black faced ewes and lambs 1) M Powell, Old House Farm £186 2) M Powell, Old House Farm £165 3) F J and M D Beaumont, Pentre Farm £140.

Class 2 - Best pen of 10 or more light faced ewes and lambs 1) M C and N J Ford, Castlemoor £120 2) F J and M D Beaumont, Pentre Farm £137 3) S Farrington, Stoney House -.

Class 3 - Best pen of 10 or more Mule ewes and lambs 1) G G Davies, White House £149 2) F J and M D Beaumont, Pentre Farm £127 3) M C and N J Ford, Castlemoor £156.

Champion pen awarded to Myra Powell, Old House Farm - £186.

In-lamb ewes/hoggs - 102: A nice entry of Charolais cross in-lamb ewes from Mr Briscoe, Leominster sold to £98 (twice) with others at £93, £92 etc. In-lamb Suffolk cross hoggs from £80 to £86.

Store hoggs - 1005: A good entry of generally smaller hoggs, however any strength very well competed for and easily maintaining recent weeks. Strongest sorts to £77.50, several trading £68 to £73.20. Good farming hoggs continue to be sought after from £62 to £67.50. Medium keeping sorts from £54 to £61.50, with several Mule wethers and harder bred hoggs. Longer keeping sorts from £48 to £53.50 with hoggs with condition and well bred easy to get away. Smaller harder bred sorts from £40 to £47.50. Only plainer, very long term sorts trading to late £30's.

Ram hoggs to £77.50, other stronger sorts £65 to £70. Farming sorts from £54 to £60. Harder bred ram hoggs £45 to £52 with smaller and plainer sorts from £38 to £44.50. Overall average £53.56.

Cull ewes - 1466: A nice entry of ewes with a large spectrum of quality forward. Terrific demand for all types from start to finish which is reflected in the overall average of £71/head. Meat and quality very easily sold with any amount of Suffolks £90 to £108/head. The Texels were flying up to £147.50/head with plenty close behind at £147, £142.50, £137 and £136.50. More could have easily been sold without detriment to the trade. Mule especially if they were well meated were sold well up to a flying £95/head. With our regular 6 buyers and an additional face, the competition was fierce from start to finish.

Average £/head - £71.

Continental £147.50.

Suffolks £108.

North Country Mules £95.

Welsh Mules £83.

Speckles £70.

Welsh £62.

Cull Rams £118.50.

Cull Wethers £80.

Rearing/weaned calves - 48: Larger entry of rearing calves with not too much strength on offer, however plenty of spirited bidding and vendors with decent calves very happy. Best Hereford heifers to £200, bulls to £185. Aberdeen Angus bulls to £195 with smaller calves between £80 and £150. Weaned calves well sold to a top of £515 for a pair of Charolais heifers, with other heifers at £490, bulls to £460. More needed.