STORE Cattle - 202: A reasonable entry of store cattle but more are desperately required and could easily be sold.

Steers today up to a fantastic £1490/head for a 700kg animal from Mr R J Pearson, Great Wacton with several others close behind at £1420/head and £1300. The top 20 steers all over £1050/head with an overall market average of £950/head and 209p/kg topping at 259p/kg. The top 20 prices all in excess of 231p/kg.

The heifers again a strong trade topping at £1140/head and 236p/kg and averaged 195p/kg. The top 20 prices were all in excess of £915/head. Yes the heifers were less on paper, however it is true to say that the quality was more variable and not quite the consistent standard as at the last sale.

At Hereford we have buyers for everything and as one of the largest outlets for store cattle in the area we need more and more cattle to sustain and grow our buying support. We have proved time and time again that we have buyers willing to make the journey to Hereford providing we have the goods.

Store/feeding bulls - 5: After last sale's trade we ought to have had 100 bulls forward but unfortunately a very disappointing entry forward, nevertheless just as dear a trade with an average of 221p/kg topping at 238p/kg. An average of £1000/head for all forward topping at £1130/head for a Blue cross bull from A M and R E Griffiths, The Meadows. Please remember that the fattening men need time with these bulls so the optimum time to sell as stores is between 7/10 months. More urgently required.

In-calf heifers - 12: A lovely entry from M/s J C and D Jones, Glasfynydd of Aberdeen Angus cross cows (named sires) PD in calf to Limousin bull - these were keenly contested and sold up to £1080/head and averaged £987/head. Plenty of demand and more could have been sold.

Cows and calves - 4: Plenty of buyers forward looking for cows and calves but very few on offer, so what was here was well sold. Three nice outfits from Mr N Hooper, Lower Sandlin were keenly sought after topping at £1620/head with the others close behind at £1580/head and £1300/head. We are desperately short of cows and calves and have customers regularly looking to purchase. If you have a dispersal of breeding stock we have plenty of demand at Hereford and if you would like an auctioneer to make a farm visit please contact us.

Barren cows - 11: A disappointing entry of cows considering last sale's trade. Today's trade was no exception with an average of 122p/kg topping at 170p/kg. The cows topped at £865/head and averaged £715/head. Those good meated and farm assured types are in excellent demand and many more are required. Buyers forward for all types of quality.

Pigs - 60: A run of 30 cull sows and boars sold to strong trade but an extremely selective trade on all other sections with some weaners and poorer quality pigs unsold. With us the majority sold but trade is difficult throughout the country.

Porkers White from £50 to £70

Porkers Coloured from £40 to £58.

Cutters Coloured from £ - to £70.

Feeding Sows from £50 to £82.

Fat Sows from £90 to £140.

Boars from £52 to £130.